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North Forsyth grad sticks with Porsche
During an internship with Porsche, North Forsyth and Georgia Tech graduate Anna Frey won a design contest to create the livery, or decorative wrap, on a 911 GT3 Cup race car. - photo by For the Forsyth County News

Anna Frey has always loved cars.

From a young age, the 2005 North Forsyth High graduate said she enjoyed going to car shows and races with her dad and brothers.

"I have a lot of brothers and we’d go go-kart racing a lot," she said. "I was the pit crew and they drove."

Frey’s love of automobiles paid off last July, when she was selected for an internship at Porsche Cars North America in Atlanta.

"It was a huge opportunity," said Frey, who graduated in May from Georgia Tech with a degree in industrial design.

She recently had another big opportunity.

Frey entered a design contest to create the livery, or decorative wrap, on a 911 GT3 Cup race car.

Her design won and was featured on the race car, which participated in the Porsche Carrera World Cup Race on June 25 at Germany’s Nurburgring race track.

Her co-worker Gary Fong wasn’t surprised her design won.

"Anna’s the kind we refer to as a car guy, even though she’s not actually a guy," he said.

Frey said it was exciting to see her design featured on the car, which was driven by someone she admires —Melanie Snow, American Le Mans Series GTC Champion.

Sadly, however, Frey didn’t have long to admire her design or Snow’s driving.

"The car did fine until another driver hit it and it got punted off the track in the first round," Fong said. "It was really unfortunate for [Snow]."

It was also unfortunate for a team of five Porsche Cars North America employees who had been selected to serve as the car’s pit crew.

"That was supposed to be a way to get a firsthand feel of what it’s like to be a pit crew," Fong said. "They were all set, but then the car out in the first round."

Frey wasn’t too disappointed though.

"That’s just racing for you," she said. "Anything can happen. But I do wish the car could have at least finished the race."

Frey wouldn’t mind working in a future Porsche pit crew, but she said she’s not interested in driving a race car.

"Everybody has a skill set and mine in particular is not driving," she said. "Some are built for driving, some are built for designing. I’m built for designing, so I’ll stick with that."

She will at least get to stick with Porsche.

Frey said she was offered a full-time position as a contractor with the company. The job will begin after her internship ends this week.

"The opportunity to work with Porsche was a ‘wow’ for me, so I’m glad I get to continue," she said.