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Pinecrest presents formation awards
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Forsyth County News

Pinecrest Academy recently presented its annual formation awards to students in six through 12th grades.

The awards are given at the close of each school year to students who exemplify outstanding achievement in the areas of human, intellectual, spiritual and apostolic formation.

Sarah Rocko and Sean Klooster received the Integer award, which is presented to a high school senior boy and girl who have demonstrated exceptional characteristics of leadership and apostleship. It is the highest award presented at the school.

Other honors presented included:

• The Semper Altius, or Always Higher, award to students who demonstrated outstanding commitment to the ideals of the school by excelling in all areas of integral formation.

Recipients: Mary Lichtenwalner and Michael Trainor, sixth grade; Gabrielle Tanjuatco and Stephen Morrissey, seventh grade; Catherine Ann Birozes and Peter Nelson, eighth grade; Ave Fouriezos and Jacob Hanley, ninth grade; Ansley Heard and Evan Montalbano, 10th grade; and Paloma Carroll and Thomas Ross, 11th grade.  

• The apostleship award to students who have distinguished themselves by actively and constantly working to bring Christ’s message to others, both in school and out.

Recipients: Daniela Callejas and Samuel Gutierrez, sixth grade; Lucy Frain and Joseph Meersman, seventh grade; Maria Carroll and Noah Craggan, eighth grade; Nicole Madda and Jack Frain, ninth grade; Heather Bailer and JP Nelson, 10th grade; Olivia Fleck and Danny Flanigan, 11th grade; and Kristen Nelson and Jacob Carr, 12th grade.

• The leadership award to students who have lived the spirit of leadership espoused by Pinecrest, demonstrated by their daily contribution in conduct and effort to the good of the school community.

Recipients: Rachel Mannino and Alex Pausa, sixth grade; Adeline Seiferth and Jonathan Campos, seventh grade; Ana Paula Sanchez-Mejoradoa and Mitchell Ojeda, eighth grade; Hannah Kelley and Gregory Metz, ninth grade; Kristen Rocko and Cole Doxtader, 10th grade; Julia Petros and John Paul Metz, 11th grade; Cece Howard and Ben Frain, 12th grade.

• The athlete award to students who have distinguished themselves with exceptional sportsmanship and athletic ability.

Recipients: Regina Metz and Ben Gobbel, sixth grade; Mary Margaret Metz and Sean Flanigan, seventh grade; Teresa Stubbs and Adam Rocko, eighth grade; Wendy Oshinski and Adam Guard, ninth grade; Jessica Zalzman and Chris Birozes, 10th grade; Cayce Hamilton and Jimmy Strom, 11th grade; and Lizzie Brenner and John DePalma, 12th grade.