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Pinecrests class of 13 honored
Most off to college in fall
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Forsyth County News

As most of the 51 members of the Pinecrest Academy class of 2013 head to college this fall, they’ll be the beneficiaries of many scholarships.

According to information provided by the private Catholic school in south Forsyth, this year’s graduates received more than $2.3 million in scholarship offers.

And of the 51 graduates, 45 will attend a college or university this year, with the other six taking the year to commit service to the church, according to the school.

The class’ valedictorians were Ann Lagomasino and Austin Ward.

The Integer Award, the school’s highest honor, went to Olivia Fleck and Thomas Ross.

“The word integer means completeness,” said Vivian Heard, school spokeswoman. “This award recognizes a boy and girl who have consistently demonstrated exceptional characteristics of leadership and apostleship, assimilating the highest ideals of all four areas of formation: intellectual, human, spiritual and apostolic.”

The Apostleship Award was presented to Jinny Kim, who recently won the Georgia Right to Life Oratory Competition, and J.P. Martins, who volunteered his time and boosted school spirit during athletic events.

Paloma Carroll and John Paul Metz earned the school’s Leadership Award, while Cayce Hamilton and Zachary Guard received the Athletic Award.