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Police bust slumber party at restaurant
36 teens cited for underage drinking
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Forsyth County News

A bust at a co-ed graduation slumber party in a Johns Creek restaurant resulted in 36 teenagers, at least a third of whom were from Forsyth County, being cited for underage drinking.

The incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. May 25 at Anatolia’s Restaurant on State Bridge Road.

Johns Creek spokeswoman Rosemary Taylor said 12 of the teens, whose names have not been released, had Cumming mail addresses.

“We looked at each address and we narrowed it down because they were from all over,” she said, adding that the group also included teens from Alpharetta, Duluth, Johns Creek, Roswell and Suwanee.

It could not be determined what schools the teens attended.

Anatolia’s owner Rabia Gungoren was charged with serving alcohol to people under age 21, as was her son, Mehmet Gungoren, who is a server at the restaurant.

In addition to underage drinking, one of the teens was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Also, three men who worked as security guards for the overnight party were charged with disorderly conduct

Gungoren said she was aware of the party, held for one of her son’s friends, and that she had told her son not to give alcohol to anyone under age.

She said people younger and older than 21 attended, but the restaurant did not sell alcohol to anyone. She said the teenagers from Forsyth County brought their own drinks.

“The kids who drank the alcohol were the Forsyth kids,” she said. “They are the ones who created the problem and they drank the alcohol.”

She said the security guards were hired to keep anyone from driving drunk from the party.

Gungoren said she is angry with the way authorities handled the situation and that they “vandalized” her restaurant.

According to a Johns Creek police report, an officer patrolling the area noticed several people gathered behind the eatery.

A teenager who was with the group told the officer “there were things going on inside Anatolia’s Restaurant that shouldn’t be going on.”

The teen also told the officer his brother was still inside, but security guards wouldn’t let people leave.

Officers checked the business and found people hiding inside. After about 30 minutes, the door opened.

According to the report, officers went inside and found people “hiding under tables, in refrigerators, in closets and on top of HVAC air ducts in the ceiling. Some subjects were sleeping on the floor.”

The report goes on to note that officers found wine bottles, beer cans, 12-packs of beer and a keg, which still had condensation on it and was "cold to the touch."

The keg was discovered in the ceiling while one of the officers was helping some of the teens down from their hiding spot, the report said.

The teens are expected to appear in court in July with their parents.