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Production 'brings literature to life'
Public workshop set for Saturday
Pooh WEB
Mariah Jones joins classmates watching a production of “Winnie the Pooh,” left, Tuesday at Forsyth Central High School. - photo by Autumn Vetter

Students from several Forsyth County elementary schools are spending part of their week attending a production of “Winnie the Pooh” at Forsyth Central High School.

Kellie Durden took her first-grade class from Cumming Elementary on Tuesday. For many of her students, it was the first time they had seen a live show.

“They’ve never been to a play before so they were very in tune and very into it,” she said. “I think for them it brings literature to life. Pooh for them is not just in a book.”

And for Pooh, the experience was mutually beneficial. Ashlyn Turner, who played the title role, said performing for younger children, including her little brother, has been an amazing experience.

“You really feel like you’re connecting with the children,” she said. “When I was younger, I was able to go to these plays. And when you can give that back to the children now, it’s awesome.

“It helps build their imagination and their communication skills as well, and it introduces them to different types of characters and different worlds.”

The show will run through the week for elementary schools before public productions on the weekend.

The performance at 1 p.m. Saturday will be followed by a theater workshop, offering games and art lessons to children.