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Redistricting process nears end
New school zones likely to be set this week
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Forsyth County News

A final version of proposed new school attendance zones was presented Thursday night to the Forsyth County Board of Education.

The board has until Nov. 21 to review and revise the plan before setting the new district lines that will take effect for the 2014-15 school year.

The shuffling of students is aimed at providing relief to some of the system’s more crowded campuses, particularly at the elementary school level.

Those affected include Big Creek, Brookwood, Daves Creek, Haw Creek, Settles Bridge, Sharon, Shiloh Point and Midway. Also impacted will be Lakeside, Riverwatch and South Forsyth middle schools.

After the meeting, board member Ann Crow said system staff will offer the final draft for a vote. “If we wanted to change it, we can do it at that time,” she added.

Board member Kristin Morrissey had earlier talked about the subdivisions that have been the most difficult to place, including Sharon Walk and Ivey Falls, which have been at Daves Creek since it opened.

Morrissey considered letting the few impacted students from Ivey Falls stay, but then waivered.

“It’s worth considering keeping it in there,” she said. “The downside is ... in the future I don’t know what’s going to happen. Because we do know there’s more development coming up the street — up Old Atlanta —and that’s currently zoned into Daves Creek.”

Morrissey’s concern was for the many residents who have addressed the board during various public comment periods at previous gatherings.

As Associate Superintendent Joey Pirkle noted, many parents have participated in the process.

“Two rounds of online input, as well as two public forums, have provided the school board the opportunity to hear from our parents,” Pirkle said.

“The board has reviewed all comments in relation to the two drafts of the maps.”

The first version of the redistricting proposal was presented Sept. 12. While whatever is ultimately agreed upon won’t provide all the solutions, Crow said it’s a start.

“It’s just going to be a stop-gap measure until we can do something else,” she said. “We’re just like we were five years ago, where you build it and you’re crowded again just within a year. The growth is not stopping.

“And if you look in that Daves Creek community, there are at least four other subdivisions that are going to be built out in the next four years. And if you look at Sharon, there’s more than that, so it’s just not going to stop.”