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Residency revisions address rental homes, custody issues
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Forsyth County News


 Residency rules for the Forsyth County school system could get a tweak next month.

The residency policy currently prevents only out-of-county residents from renting a second home so their child can attend school in Forsyth.

The proposed changes would prevent Forsyth residents from renting a second home in another district within the county, so a child could go to a different school within the system.

The changes would also include new guidelines for students of parents who have separated or are divorced.

The student must attend the school in the zone where the parent or guardian with physical custody resides.

If parents have joint custody, the student must attend the school zoned for whichever parent watches the child overnight during the majority of the school week.

The board is scheduled to vote next month on the changes, which it reviewed Thursday night.