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School board may revise Forsyths policies on graduation, bullying


Also during its meeting Thursday, the Forsyth County Board of Education approved the purchase of 1,500 Chrome Books with $407,250 in remaining funds from an Investing in Innovation, or i3, grant. The devices will be assigned to middle schools based on free-reduced lunch students and will also be used for testing.


-- Kayla Robins

FORSYTH COUNTY — Several school policy revisions were presented to the Forsyth County Board of Education Thursday.

The changes must be presented to the board 30 days before they are voted upon.

Part of Policy JB matches state rules that tie a student’s eligibility for a driver’s license or permit to attendance, but the school board may vote to nix that.

If it does, students would not be banned from obtaining their license for missing school, as long as they are enrolled.

Earlier this year, the state passed House Bill 91. Now, a passing score on a high school graduation test is no longer a requirement for students to earn a diploma.

A revision to the policy would add a waiver of local graduation requirements to be able to award former students who meet eligibility for HB 91 a diploma.

Cindy Salloum, associate superintendent of school improvement, said more than 200 people have been identified as eligible for a high school diploma as a result of the bill.

Salloum also presented policies JCDA and JCDAE, which address firearms on school campuses.

Policy JCDA would have a section removed that prohibits any student from bringing a firearm onto school property so that the adoption of Policy JCDAE can prohibit the same thing while adding more language on consequences.

A requested change to another policy addresses cyberbullying and the duty of an adult to report incidents.

These revisions and additions will be brought to the board in July for a vote.