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School board reviews parents feedback
Redistricting process continues
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Forsyth County News

At a glance

Areas the Forsyth County Schools’ redistricting committee was asked to review include the following:

* Westgate at Chadbourne, one parent asked to be moved from the northern section. The entire subdivision has 114 students.

* Shepherds Pond, where 40 students were moved to Shiloh Point from Midway. Both positive and negative feedback came in.

* Future development around Johns Creek Elementary to ensure the school doesn’t take on more students than it can handle.

* A breakdown of Windermere subdivisions, which feed two elementary schools — Haw Creek and Daves Creek — as well as Lakeside Middle and South Forsyth High.

* A review of future development around Summerwind, which would have two different feeder patterns.


-- Jennifer Sami

While parents may disagree with Forsyth County Schools’ revised redistricting proposal set to be approved this week, they won’t be able to say their voices weren’t heard.

More than 700 comments were posted to the system’s website about the first draft of the plan to redraw middle and elementary school district lines to relieve crowding at some south Forsyth campuses.

For more than two hours Thursday night, the Board of Education went through each one to decide if fulfilling the requests would be viable.

Board Chairwoman Darla Light described the volume of comments as “overwhelming,” but members Kristin Morrissey and Nancy Roche simplified the review process by sorting them by subdivision and lumping like-suggestions together.

And there were many.

Among the common themes were: keeping full subdivisions together; moving to a different school with neighboring subdivisions; and wanting to stay put since they will have to move again in a few years when a new school opens.

Citing the county’s population growth, Roche said “some people will have to do two moves, they won’t have a choice.”

Despite the redistricting proposal, some schools will remain above capacity. For others, such as Midway Elementary, just getting close to 100 percent capacity is a major improvement from how crowded the school would otherwise have been.

“What we’re trying to do is even out overcapacity at each school,” Roche said.

After reviewing all the comments, the board asked the redistricting committee to look for better option in five areas.

Those requests will be reviewed and a final second draft will be presented to the board Oct. 17 for approval. The public comment period for that version will run through Nov. 1.

Open houses are set for 6 p.m. Oct. 22 and 24 at South Forsyth High, where parents can sign up to speak, ask questions and raise concerns.

The final redistricting map likely will be approved Nov. 21.