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School calendar options weighed
Input ends Thursday
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Forsyth County News
Should students get a full week of Thanksgiving vacation in exchange for starting school a week earlier?

Local school councils from each school will have one more chance to obtain feedback from parents, teachers and students on the 2010-11 school calendar before the board makes the final decision Thursday.

After a lengthy review process, the school board is faced with a choosing between two final drafts. Both options will put students in school for 178 days and both offer 12 full and three early release professional development days.

The major differences revolve around breaks and start and end days for the school year.

Under option A, school would start Aug. 9. There would also be a full week break for Thanksgiving, winter break would begin Dec. 20 and the last day of school would be May 25.

Under option B, the first day of school would be Aug. 16. The Thanksgiving holiday would only be three days long, winter break would begin Dec. 22 and the last day would be May 27.

During a work session Thursday, board members noted the first option would likely be the most popular, but decided to put out one last feeler before they vote.

The calendar process began back in September, when school system administrators asked local school councils for feedback on how to improve on the 2009-10 calendar. From there, a draft was written and posted for community feedback.

Nearly 2,000 comments later, three drafts were created and presented to the school board. One option was ruled out and the other two were sent to the local school councils to choose from.

Parents and those impacted by school schedules are encouraged to contact members of their school’s council and offer opinions before Thursday, when the final calendar is set by the board.

Both drafts and contact information for local school council members can be found at