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School calendar set for 2010-11
Classes begin Aug. 9
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Forsyth County News
School will begin a week earlier next year for Forsyth County students, but they’ll get a little more time off around the holidays.

The Board of Education chose one of two proposed drafts of the 2010-11 school calendar, both of which were considered by the local school councils.

The drafts, known as options A and B, each have 178 school days and offer 12 full and three early release professional development days.

The school board went with option A on Thursday night. As a result, classes will begin Aug. 9 and end May 20.

Along with a full week off for Thanksgiving, winter break will last from Dec. 20 to Jan. 4, with teachers having a professional development day on Jan. 3.

Under option B, students would have started class Aug. 16, had three days off for Thanksgiving and begun winter break Dec. 22. School would have ended May 27.

Also Thursday, the board agreed to let students keep Feb. 16 as a day off this school year, though it was built in as an inclement weather day.

Schools were closed Sept. 22 because of heavy rains. Instead of using the February day to make up the absence, the board decided to designate it as a student holiday.

Feb. 16 will also be a holiday for employees working between 180 and 183 days a year and a furlough, or unpaid, day for those who work between 190 and 230 days annually.

Students are also off Feb. 15 this school year for President’s Day, which will give them a four-day weekend.

Forsyth Academy students will have off Feb. 18 as a holiday, while it will be a furlough day for staff.

In addition, the board voted to make Jan. 4 a professional development day for employees who work between 180 and 230 days a year.

The day was previously designated as a staff holiday for some employees and an unpaid furlough day for others.
Modified Student 2009-10 Calendar
2010-11 Approved calendar