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School district offers 'tweets'
News alerts available through popular site
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School spokeswoman Jennifer Caracciolo "tweets" during a recent Forsyth County Board of Education meeting. - photo by Emily Saunders
The Forsyth County school system is "tweeting."

In an effort to keep students, staff and parents up to date on the latest school happenings, the district has joined a social networking and news feed Web site.

The school system has created an account on Twitter, an Internet site that provides the ability to post news items or updates called "tweets," or brief blurbs of information.

Twitter users who follow the district through the account called "FCSchoolsGA" get these updates on their Twitter page when they sign up, a process that requires creating a user name and password.

"This provides FCS an additional method to deliver information quickly and directly," said Jennifer Caracciolo, district spokeswoman. "Twitter complements our highly utilized electronic communication tools."

The school system also uses Parent Portal, an online tool in which parents can log on and view student information such as grades and attendance reports, and a messaging system that sends alerts to parents' e-mail addresses and phones.

At least 70 Twitter users, including teachers, students, staff and residents, have signed up to use the school system's program.

To try it out, go online at Once signed up, the school system's address can be accessed at