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School system approves initial steps for Chestatee Elementary roofing project

Change is coming to one of Forsyth County’s oldest schools, as the system prepares to embark on a complete overhaul of the roof at Chestatee Elementary School in northeast Forsyth.

At a recent meeting of the Forsyth County Board of Education held on Jan. 15, board members unanimously approved a motion to hire Carroll Daniel Construction to coordinate the complete re-roofing project planned for Chestatee.

Since its construction in 1973, Chestatee Elementary has been renovated six times, adding thousands of square feet of roofing with each project.

During the Jan. 15 meeting, Forsyth County Schools Chief Facilities Officer Bill McKnight told the board that because of the school’s age and many additions, the project will likely be one of the “most difficult re-roofing jobs” that they have attempted and will likely take two summers to complete.

"Chestatee Elementary is one of our older schools and it's been around for a long time, so parts of it have been torn down and new parts built where the old parts were,” McKnight said. "There are places where there are three roofs and there are places where there is only one roof. So it's probably going to be one of the most difficult re-roofing jobs that we've ever had to do."

Because of this “puzzle piece” roof that has developed over the years, McKnight said that they are going to completely remove the existing roofs to construct one that is unified, making it easier for them to repair any future leaks and replace sections of aging roofing.

“Right now, it's almost impossible to be able to figure out where a leak is with that many roofs, because you don't know what is leaking where," he said.

Due to the scope and difficulty of the project, McKnight said they decided to bring an outside construction manager into the project, to help coordinate the different contractors. 

Of the two companies that submitted proposals, AM Adams Building Corporation and Carroll Daniel Construction, McKnight said that they decided to award the contract to the later.

Documents show that Carroll Daniel Construction submitted a fee proposal about $66,000 higher than AM Adams Building Corporation, but they were given points during the bidding process for their history, relevant experience and other factors.

Previously, Carroll Daniel Construction has been contracted to build several county school-system buildings, including Alliance Academy for Innovation, Kelly Mill, Brookwood and Whitlow elementary schools, as well as the future Poole’s Mill Elementary school.

McKnight also said that work on this project will only take place when school is out for summer break.

Now that they have approved the hiring of their construction manager, McKnight said they will develop guaranteed maximum price quote, which will be brought before the board at their meeting on March 19, 2019.