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Schools fare well on tests
Newer index will replace AYP
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County’s schools performed well on new scores released Tuesday morning rating them on a wide variety of factors.

The College & Career Ready Performance Index this year is functioning as a new lens to look at old data, giving schools an opportunity to see how it works without any consequences for this first release.

The new index is made up of a total of 73 indicators of how a school is performing. It replaces Adequate Yearly Progress, which judged schools on seven factors mostly related to test scores.

Forsyth’s elementary and middle schools boasted more than a 95 percent achievement, while the high schools were at nearly 90 percent. All grade levels far outperformed the state.

The new system allows Forsyth and Georgia schools to compare student performance with other states.

While he was confident the school district would compare well with others across the state, Superintendent Buster Evans said he was “pleased to see that the actual performance of our district well represents our schools being high level achievers in the overall score as well as the subcomponents on the index.”

Georgia’s overall percentages were 83.4 for elementary, 81.4 for middle and 72.6 for high schools, compared with 95.6, 95.4 and 89.9 in Forsyth.

“On one hand, this continues to affirm the outstanding work of our teachers, and school and district administrators, while on the other hand helping us identify areas where we can continue to target and align our resources to affect even higher achievement, “Evans said.

“I want to congratulate our personnel for continuing to perform at levels that help all students achieve. We have much to be proud of, and we will continue to evaluate the results which all of our community should be pleased with.”