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Student calendar approved for next Forsyth County school year

The official calendar for next school year was uploaded to the Forsyth County Schools website Friday after the county’s Board of Education approved the 2017-18 schedule.

At a public participation meeting Thursday afternoon, Deputy Superintendent of Schools Joey Pirkle presented the calendar to the board for final approval, which they unanimously voted to adopt.

No changes were made between the draft calendar, which was released last month, and the approved version.

Similar to past years, the 2017 school year will begin Thursday, Aug. 3.

Students will have Labor Day and a week-long fall break off — Sept. 4 and Sept. 25-29, respectively.

They will also have the week of Thanksgiving, two and a half weeks from December into January, and a week in April for spring break off.

Other professional days and holidays, along with early release days, can be found online.

Students will be in school for exactly 180 days, per Georgia Department of Education regulations.

The school will also have no inclement weather days, thanks to the virtual lesson program itslearning.