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Substitute teacher involved in fight with child, Forsyth school employee

NORTHWEST FORSYTH — A mother who previously served as a substitute teacher in Forsyth County received a criminal trespass warning as a result of an altercation earlier this month at her child’s elementary school.

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s report, the incident occurred when the woman reacted to her daughter being written up for bad behavior on the playground at Matt Elementary School in northwestern Forsyth.

After signing the form for her daughter when picking her up March 15, the woman reportedly returned inside and “began pointing at the other child that was involved in the misbehavior and yelling at him to stay away from her daughter.”

She then grabbed an employee by the arm and called her a “damn liar” when she and another staff member stepped between the mother and the child, the report said.

“Prior to this incident, [she] worked as a temporary employee in the role of substitute teacher,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, spokeswoman for the school system. “She worked at various schools in the district, but mainly at Liberty Middle School and West Forsyth High School.”

According to the incident report and Caracciolo, she is no longer on the active substitute teacher list.

While the employee did not wish to press charges, the woman was informed the next day by the school system’s safety office that she is no longer allowed on campus during after-school programming “at any time for any reason” or risks being charged with criminal trespass, Caracciolo said.

“This notice will remain in place,” she said, “until she is notified … that she is welcome to return.”