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System continues strategic planning
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Forsyth County News

Strategic planning continues as the Forsyth County Board of Education, cabinet and district employees work to draft a plan for “vision, mission, beliefs and goals.”

Officials met at the Coal Mountain Community Building on Thursday to discuss these items based on community feedback they’ve already received and previous strategic planning meetings.

Superintendent Buster Evans thanked the group for attending and said the feedback the group already received has been positive.

The system’s current vision stays the same: “Quality learning and superior performance for all.”

Members discussed changes for the mission statement as well as goals.

After some tweaking and a little goading from facilitator Jon Abercrombie, an outside consultant for the gathering, the group devised the system’s mission: “Prepare and inspire all students to contribute and excel.”

Jennifer Caracciolo, schools spokeswoman, explained the difference between the mission and vision: “Mission is like the big, blue sky,” she said. “It’s the far away vision. The mission is what we do every single day.”

Susan Woods, director of food service, said what she liked about the current vision statement was that it “is not lengthy and full of words. It’s a meaningful, short vision you really can remember and explain.”

Caracciolo said the meeting’s results will be posted on the school system’s Web site ( this week.

After about two weeks, the board will then approve the goals.

On Oct. 21, the Web site will begin taking community comments for a month.

From there, officials will set objectives for each goal.

The process should be complete by March, Caracciolo said.