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Teacher named to advisory panel
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Forsyth County News

A South Forsyth High School engineering teacher recently received two separate honors.

Nick Crowder was tapped to serve on the State Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council and also was named the 2013 recipient of the Carl Cone Friend of Youth Award from the local Optimist Club.

At first, Nick Crowder thought the e-mail from Gary Wenzel, state’s program evaluation specialist, announcing the appointment to the council was spam.

“As I read deeper, it looked very official,” he said. “... This is policy-setting stuff, where they’re going to come down and ask teachers in the classroom making education happen how [they would] implement this. I’m very excited ... to be representing Forsyth and South Forsyth High School and our community.”

Crowder, who is also the Forsyth County school system’s reigning teacher of the year, will be part of a panel of educators focusing on advising the superintendent.

In his letter to Crowder, Wenzel said the meetings will divide participants into small “groups to get to know other teachers from across the state, to formulate and discuss current issues of interest to teachers, and to report out to the larger group to be discussed in the afternoon session with State Superintendent Dr. John Barge.”

Crowder thinks taking part in the group also will help him learn new techniques and advice he hears from other educators, so he can bring those ideas back to Forsyth.

Crowder’s second honor came during a recent Optimist Club awards banquet at the Ridge Restaurant.

“The Optimist Club, I think a lot of. The flag program they do is very cool and the work they do is wonderful in the community,” Crowder. “So it was a big honor for me to be recognized by people outside the school system. They realized the impact educators have on kids and on our community and so it meant a lot to me.”