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Teachers on the move
District hopes to staff schools from within
Teacher Job Fair 1 es
Above, Miranda Morrison, a teacher at John's Creek Elementary, speaks with, from left, Kimberly Davis, assistant principal, Donna Morris, principal, and Robin Castleberry, assistant principal, from Settles Bridge Elementary. - photo by Emily Saunders
Forsyth County Schools’ internal meet-and-greet teacher fair Wednesday couldn’t have been more timely.
Jennifer Caracciolo, spokeswoman for the school system, said the district plans to staff the five new schools it’s opening in the fall by shifting staff from other campuses.

Unlike years past, there will be no job fair to hire new employees from outside the school district.

If anybody knows about moving around the system, it’s Debbie Sarver. She’s worked at six different county schools in 15 years.

This year, she’s taking over as principal of Lakeside Middle, which opens in August.

“Moving around in the system is a good way to get to know your community,” Sarver said. “It gives teachers the chance to grow in other areas.

“We not only get teachers that are familiar with the Forsyth County way of doing things, but we also keep the highly qualified teachers we already have in the school system.”

All of the districts schools were represented at the job fair.

South Forsyth High School Principal Jason Branch couldn’t agree more.

“We’ve got good candidates in the system and they’re sharing their talents with the entire system,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is look at the talented folks coming through and determine what needs they have and if their talents fit our needs.”

Branch’s school stands to lose some of its enrollment next year to Lambert High School.

Chief Human Resources Officer Candy Norton added that as new schools open, “teachers get the chance to go to a new opportunity.”

Norton said this was the fifth year Forsyth had held an internal job fair.

“We’re opening new schools all the time,” she said. “We try to encourage all our principals to allow people to go somewhere else if they want to.”

Finding the principals in one place at the same time is another advantage to the internal fair, Norton said.

“It’s hard in a system with so many kids and almost 5,000 employees,” she said. “To get in touch with a principal out of the blue can be difficult, but if they meet you face to face it kind of breaks the ice a little bit.”

Mashburn Principal Kathie Braswell is on her way to the new Brookwood Elementary.

“This makes things easier for teachers,” Braswell said. “They don’t have to scramble all over the place to find the principals. The principals are all in one place at one time.”

Braswell added that this type of opportunity “doesn’t happen very often in very many systems.”

It’s also not very often that school districts open five new schools in the same year.

In addition to Brookwood, Lakeside and Lambert, the school system plans to open Haw Creek and Whitlow elementary schools.

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