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THE BUZZ: Paglia ranks buzzworthy moments of the week - Sept. 5, 2014
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Our new weekly print and video series where local high school students share "The Buzz" about what’s going on at their school.

Every Friday, sports editor Brian Paglia ranks the top 3 "buzzworthy" moments of the week that were featured in Wednesday’s edition.

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1. South Forsyth tribute

War Eagles buzzmaker Erin Loggins made a heart-felt tribute to Michael Gatto, a former South student who was recently found dead, highlighting Gatto’s passion for his school and community.

2. Pinecrest Academy football

Buzzmakers Caitlin Randazza and Dani Quintana did a nice job of capturing the atmosphere around Pinecrest’s win last Friday. Plus, they got lots of fan support for their video on Twitter.

3. West Forsyth’s Gulo Gang

Buzzmaker Dori Butler got up-close and personal with West’s student section, newly dubbed the "Gulo Gang," at this past Friday’s football game and had a nice interview with Wolverines football coach Adam Clack.