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THE BUZZ: Students survive until winter break!
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Our weekly print and video series - presented by Lanier Technicial College – where local high school students share “The Buzz” about what’s going on at their school – and compete for the most “buzzworthy” moment of the week.

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Erica Fried, Forsyth Central

If I could give Central one gift, and I think every student and faculty member (or at least the ones without golf carts) would agree, it would be an indoor crosswalk between east and west campuses. On the checklist for each upcoming freshman are two pairs of rain boots, a rain jacket, and an umbrella for crossing the infamous "Lake Central" for the rainy days and layers of sweaters, coats, beanies and gloves for the long walks back and forth during the freezing winter. Fortunately, however, in the next year construction will begin and Central’s campuses will be completely remodeled and united, just a few years past my Christmas wish! Happy holidays from the Central family, and we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday break.

Kevin Lee, Lambert

Lambert students are very happy to be out of school for almost two and a half weeks. However, half of the fun of break is taken away when you still wake up at 8 o'clock thinking that you're late for school and rush into the shower quickly realizing you'll be the only one there when you show up (It may have happened to me before). Anyways, things are pretty quiet in our area and I think it's some needed r&r for students, teachers and staff. From Lambert High School, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Alli Prater, North Forsyth

With midterms, the last week before Christmas break can be a stressful time for students and teachers alike. However, Raiders make this week fun by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and decorating trees. On behalf of North Forsyth, I'd like to wish everyone in Forsyth County a merry Christmas! Go Raiders!

Caitlin Randazza and Dani Quintana, Pinecrest Academy

Pinecrest Academy wishes you a blessed Christmas!

Erin Loggins, South Forsyth

To start off with this week's Buzz, I'd like to say congratulations, because if you are a high school student reading this right now that means you survived mid-terms and finals, and that is very buzzworthy in my book, so kudos! Now it's time to get cozy in your bed and watch Netflix (I know that's what I'm doing). But with the holiday season right around the corner I'd like to give a little Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah shout out to all of the South Forsyth community! Are you on the naughty or nice list? Do not forget to leave Santa cookies and milk! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! As always, Go South!

Dori Butler, West Forsyth

After the week of mid-terms that hit the school like a ton of bricks, the students and staff couldn't be happier to get out of those classrooms and begin their winter break. The tests and projects meant anxiety for the students and mountains of grading for the teachers, but, no matter whom you are, winter break means the halfway point in the year, and that's cause for a lot of happiness.