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Tool helps match students to internships
Feedback from businesses aids district effort
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Businesses interested in using the Forsyth County school system’s new Job Board can submit job listings at For more information, contact Valery Hall at

The Forsyth County school system is hoping to make matching students to internships and part-time jobs easier with a new online tool.

Valery Hall, the system’s governance and career development coordinator, said the Job Board was created as a result of feedback from the local business community.

“We had started developing the ideas behind this probably last fall and it was actually a suggestion made by several local businesses that said this might be a good way for them to reach students who are needing opportunities in the summer,” Hall said.

“Our main impetuous behind it was so we could connect our career-related education to practical real-world experience.”

Launched last week and housed on the school system’s Web site, at, businesses can submit job postings that students can search in several categories.

“There’s a section for students and a section for employers,” Hall said. “The section for employers goes to an online form so they would submit the requirements for the job, who to contact, how to apply and those types of details.

“The student side is a little easier. A student would be able to filter by different headings, which are directly aligned to career pathways so our students can look into whatever area they’re interested in.”

Hall said the new system makes the process easier for both students and employers.

“We’ve got a lot of corporations … that partner with us on providing these summer experiences for our students, and we felt like this was the easiest way so that all five high schools would have one place to come,” she said.

“With the old way, we’d just send out e-mails to individual programs and teachers and that really wasn’t an organized way to do it. We felt like this would be a more succinct and more streamlined way so students would know where to go if they did need job opportunities.”

Matt McKinney, manager of Moe’s Southwest Grill in the Midway community, was one of the first employers to try to the tool.

“I hope it’s useful,” he said, noting that he hires many young people. “Around this area there aren’t a lot of people that are willing to work in food service, so high school kids are usually a good target for us.

“A lot of the best employees that we’ve had have been high school kids that are going off to college and working the summer. We’ve just found that they’re driven, so they tend to want to work harder.”

Hall said the Job Board will also be useful next fall when the new school year begins.

“We have a lot of our teachers who try to create internship opportunities for our students [during the school year], particularly in engineering, culinary arts and marketing programs … so this was a way we felt we could get the word out to the students about the opportunities that are available to them.

“It’s going to be easier for everybody to manage with just having one organized area. This will be used all school year for our students to connect to internship opportunities or if they just need a part-time job.”