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Video camp captures imagination
Kim Simshauser shows Thomas Corey how to work a camera during a recent video production and editing camp at Liberty Middle School. - photo by Jennifer Sami

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This is the latest in an ongoing FCN series on educational camps for children this summer.

They got to dance in the street, fly like Superman and run in the rain, all without leaving the building.

The green screen and layering technologies were just some of the many tricks students learned during the recent video production and editing camp at Liberty Middle School.

The camp is one of many being offered at schools throughout the local system this summer.

It was the best camp Timothy Leurart had ever attended.

“I’ve learned so many things,” he said. “I love making videos and putting them in YouTube and sharing them ... I like when people enjoy what I made. It makes me proud of what I did.”

According to Leurart, the camp gave him the tools to make more complex videos. He was one of a small group of students who attended the weeklong camp under the direction of Kim Simshauser, a tech support specialist at Liberty.

Kids spent the week learning about audio mixing, loop software, animation and adding audio to video, among other skills.

Simshauser said the video knowledge is something that could set the students apart in school and beyond.

“It definitely gives them an advantage in allowing them to do something a little more advanced,” she said. “They’re learning the difference between using PowerPoint and making an amazing project and ... a lot of this they can do in school.

“These are 21stcentury technology skills that at this point, employers are looking for more than just a presentation ... it’s almost expected.”

Jacob Roper said he signed up for the camp “because I’m starting a Web series and I wanted the experience.”

Thomas Corey was more interested in the technical aspect of making videos.

“I just really love technology and messing around with computers,” he said. “I didn’t know a lot about video and now I know how to make videos and customize them.”

Simshauser has big plans for the camp next year, including letting the campers work on videos for local companies.

“It’s a really good way for them to expand their skills,” she said.