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Why Alliance Academy student acceptance is likely going to a lottery format

As the end of the fall school semester approaches, the Alliance Academy for Innovation is reporting overwhelming enrollment interest from the community for the 2019-20 school year.

The deadline to apply for Alliance Academy is Dec. 17, and according to Alliance principal Brandi Cannizzaro they have already received hundreds of applications from prospective students hoping to attend one of Forsyth County’s newest and most innovative high schools.

"There’s a huge buzz in the community about Alliance, everybody now knows who we are, so that's really exciting." Cannizzaro said. “We have really built a great reputation in the community. Students and parents are very excited. The feedback we have gotten from our current students and parents is extremely positive.”

Cannizzaro said Alliance will accept 325 new students for the 2019-20 school year and are expecting that the demand for applications from qualified students will well outpace that.

When and if that expectation comes true, she said that they will move to a lottery system of accepting students.

"Once students apply, we will review their applications, look at their grades, attendance and behavior to make sure that they qualify to attend Alliance," she said. “If more applicants that are eligible apply than the space available, we will hold a lottery on Jan. 14.”

Cannizzaro said that the application lottery will be open to the public, and once the 325 students are picked any remaining eligible students will be put on a waiting list.

“Even if it doesn't happen this year, we are definitely on track for (a lottery) in years to come," she said.

Cannizzaro said the school’s information nights have played a large role in the increased interest in the school. Cannizzaro said they’ve welcomed thousands of people to their campus and learn about the school’s different pathways, classes and lab spaces that Alliance offers.   

"Our future avengers had a chance to really see the labs, see the equipment, learn about the courses and the content of those courses so they could make good decisions about which pathway they may be interested in,” Cannizzaro said. "I think all of those things combined are why we had such a great turnout.”

She said that for any parents that were not able to visit the school on an information night, all of that info is available online.

The Alliance Academy website states that perspective student must be “self-motivated and family supported,” “technologically literate,” between eighth and 10th grade, and must receive a school counselor recommendation, among other requirements.

View the full list of Alliance Academy application requirements online at

Students who are accepted should expect to see an acceptance letter by mid-January, Cannizzaro said.

"We are excited for our future avengers for next year and encourage families to check us out and learn more about us," Cannizzaro said.

Beyond the large amount of interest from students and teachers, Cannizzaro said that they are expecting a large amount of interest from other educators looking for jobs at Alliance in the coming years.

"That staff excitement is certainly there,” she said. “So when we get ready to hold job fairs in February we will get a lot of interest from additional teachers within Forsyth County as well as outside Forsyth County.”