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Woman continues '81 class ring quest
Seeks owner who lost it decades ago
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Forsyth County News


Those with any information about the FCHS class of 1981 ring can contact Judi Jenkins at

The high school class ring has the word “beginnings” inscribed on the side.

Tammie Kennedy hopes she can find a new beginning for the ring by returning it to its owner nearly 30 years later.

Kennedy said she found the class of 1981 Forsyth County High School ring in 1982 or ’83 at a park near Blairsville.

“I stuck it in a jewelry box, and it’s been moved around with me all this time,” said Kennedy, who was about 12 at the time.

She came across the woman’s ring nearly a year ago while cleaning out some old boxes in her Hall County home.

“I didn’t want to just get rid of it,” Kennedy said. “It meant something to somebody.”

The antique gold ring has an opal stone setting with a bulldog on one side and “beginnings” on the other.

The initials “EAW” have also been inscribed into the band, which Kennedy guessed is about a size 6.

Seeking information on the owner, she got in touch with Forsyth County school system.

That search “came to a dead end,” said Judi Jenkins, the district’s business and community relations facilitator.

Jenkins said the initials matched one name from the class of ’81, Elizabeth Annette Woods, but officials couldn’t find her contact information.

Kennedy hopes spreading the word about the ring will open up a new path.