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Year off to smooth start for Forsyth County Schools
Annalise and Grace Laetiner escort their little sister, Lily, to her kindergarten classroom Thursday on the first day of school at Vickery Creek Elementary. - photo by Micah Green

FORSYTH COUNTY — Even residents who do not have a child in the Forsyth County school system may have noticed classes were in session Thursday.

While traffic was heavier than the past two months, the tens of thousands of students and teachers on the 35 campuses that make up the district were delayed only in north Forsyth after a truck hauling chicken eggs overturned on Hwy. 369.

The last buses arrived at middle schools by 10 a.m. due to that incident, according to Jennifer Caracciolo, spokeswoman for the school system. Middle schools, which begin later than elementary and high schools, start class at 9 a.m.

“[Teachers] know they have to be fluid for the first few days of school, and they knew of that issue on [Hwy.] 369,” Caracciolo said.

Students — about 44,600, up from 42,687 last year — should not have missed any assignments due to being late.

Caracciolo said she wasn’t aware of any mechanical problems from the district’s some 325 bus drivers during morning routes.

As everyone begins to settle into the school rhythm for the next nine months, parents can contact their school administrators or counselors with questions about their children.

Transportation questions should be directed to the school’s district supervisor.