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Election 2012: District 27 state Senate race
'Experience' versus 'passion' with candidates
Murphy WEB
District 27 state Sen. Jack Murphy - photo by For the Forsyth County News
The race for District 27 Senate appears to pit experience against vision.Jack Murphy was first elected to serve as District 27 state senator in 2006. Prior to that, he spent four years as a house representative.Murphy said his strength in leadership is proven through “my experience over the last 10 years in the General Assembly, as well as my business experience.”As founder and past chairman of the Forsyth County Tea Party, Steve Voshall said he’s running “to bring ethics and fiscal responsibility and honesty to our state senate seat.”Voshall said he has a “passion to serve others.”“I do so in my business and personal life and I feel like I can do a very good job for our district,” he said. Murphy said if elected, he has several legislative priorities for the upcoming session, including a vow to improve the job market by “working tirelessly to reduce needless government regulation affecting our businesses.”“I want to continue to look at what we can do and look at the regulations that are being imposed on our businesses and try to eliminate some of those regulations,” Murphy said.