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Election results certified
Write-in's support tops initial count
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County’s election results became official Friday after the local elections board reviewed write-in candidates and unique situations.

In total, 84 provisional ballots were added, bringing the total cast to 81,997, with a voter turnout of more than 80 percent.

In another development, the county’s lone local certified write-in candidate received thousands more votes than originally thought due to an election night oversight in estimating unofficial results.

DT Smith, who ran as a write-in for Forsyth County sheriff, officially earned 7,909 votes.

The revised total still didn’t top that of Republican Duane Piper, who received 62,451 votes and will become sheriff in January.

On Tuesday, the elections office had estimated the total of votes clearly going to Smith at 683.

Barbara Luth, county elections supervisor, said the multiples of the same type had already been totaled by the machine, but each multiple was only counted as one.

Those clearly marked for “DT Smith” totaled 6,157.

The three-member board looked through the variations of write-ins on Friday, and opted to count any spelling that included at least either “D” or “T” as one of the initials, as well as votes that were for just “Smith.”

Board member Matthew Blender said Smith’s total was “a significant turnout for a write-in candidate.”

Overall, Luth said 12,700 write-ins either certified or not were submitted for all the races.

For president, the board ratified 30 votes written in for Jill Stein, 17 for Virgil Goode and 2 for Rocky Anderson.

The board also approved and rejected provisional ballots.

Those accepted included 21 people who voted at the wrong precinct, those who didn’t have their registration filed in the computer system in time and one who refused to vote on the machines, Luth said.

Some of those declined were from voters registered in another county or who didn’t sign up in time.