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Election results
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Janis Thomas and Gary J. Smith, members of the Forsyth County elections board, take inventory of memory cards as they came in from voting precincts countywide. Several candidates and officials watched the proceedings at the County Adminstration Building. - photo by Jennifer Sami
One of two incumbents secured re-election to the Forsyth County commission Tuesday, with a third seat on the board headed to an Aug. 5 runoff.

Forsyth County voters also re-elected their sheriff, coroner, tax commissioner and two incumbent school board members in an election that officials said drew a 17 percent turnout.

County Commissioner Brian Tam won a second term in District 2 without a runoff, leading his three opponents with about 55 percent of the vote.

For his part, Tam said he was "humbled by the entire experience."

"I will work very hard for this county, and I won't let anybody down," he said. "There's work to be done."

Tam's fellow incumbent commissioner, David Richard, was not so fortunate, falling to challenger Patrick Bell in the District 4 contest by about 1,300 votes.

The outcome did not sit well with Richard.

"Forsyth County voters have just elected a serial liar to the county commission," he said. "Patrick Bell just proved negative campaigning and lies work."

Bell moves on to face Democrat Jon Flack in the Nov. 4 General Election. If he ultimately wins the post, which covers most of north Forsyth, Bell said he will take the job of commissioner seriously.

"No more games and no more nonsense in District 4," he said.

Jim Boff and Julie Tressler are headed for an Aug. 5 runoff in the District 5 county commission race. Boff had 44 percent of the vote, while Tressler had about 35 percent.

Also securing re-election were Sheriff Ted Paxton, Tax Commissioner Matthew Ledbetter and Coroner Lauren McDonald, as did two incumbent school board members, Tom Cleveland in District 4 and Nancy Roche in District 5.

In the District 4 Board of Education race, Darla Sexton Light advanced to face Democrat Sheila Elliott in November.

There also will be a runoff in the race for Clerk of Superior Court, with Charles Adams and Greg Allen. Adams received about 34 percent and Allen about 46 percent.

Here's a look at the totals:

District 2 County Commission
Mike Busse: 2,813, 23 percent
Joseph Moore: 978, 8 percent
Charlie Smith: 1,795, 14 percent
Brian Tam (I):  6,902, 55 percent

District 3 Board of Education
Ed Castle: 4,788, 40 percent
Tom Cleveland (I): 7,146, 60 percent

District 4 County Commission
Patrick Bell: 6,767, 55 percent
David Richard (I): 5,485, 45 percent

District 4 Board of Education
Darla Sexton Light: 7,422, 66 percent
Fletcher McCone: 3,883, 34 percent

District 5 County Commission
Jim Boff: 5,176, 44 percent
Terry Sweeney: 1,064, 9 percent
Julie Tressler: 4,063, 35 percent
Walter Waddell: 1,448, 12 percent

District 5 Board of Education
Tim Plotner: 4,722, 40 percent
Nancy Roche (I): 7,115, 60 percent

Brian Millard: 907, 7 percent
Ted Paxton (I): 10,868, 85 percent
Scott Pruitt: 956, 8 percent

Tax commissioner
Bill Jenkins: 3,422, 27 percent
Matthew Ledbetter (I): 9,181, 73 percent

Clerk of Court
Charles Adams: 3,644, 34 percent
Greg Allen: 4,908, 45 percent
Walter Brown: 2,230, 21 percent

Phillip Faulkner: 3,617, 29 percent
Lauren McDonald (I): 8,851, 71 percent