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FCFD respond to burned child, house fire over Independence Day celebrations
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During celebrations of the Fourth of July, the Forsyth County Fire Department responded to several incidents, including a young child who received burns on Thursday.

Division Chief Jason Shivers said the department and members of Dawson County Fire Department responded to a call about a 3-year-old who fell into a fire pit at War Hill Park in north Forsyth at about 4 p.m. on Thursday. The child was camping at the park with friends and family.

“He stumbled backward into a fire pit that was being used to cook on with hot coals,” Shivers said. “There’s a little nuance here that is important to note: he was wearing a life preserver because the family had done the right thing and were requiring all the children to be wearing life preservers because of their proximity to the lake.

“When he fell backward into the fire pit, that life preserver ironically, possibly saved his life and certainly reduced the damage that would have been caused.”

Shivers said the child was not burned on the back or shoulders but did receive “pretty severe second-degree burns” to his right arm and hand.

“As he tried to get himself out of the fire, of course, he was scared and he panicked as any of us would,” he said. “As he fell into the hot coals, he pushed himself up with his right hand.”

The child was stable and was flown by air ambulance, along with his mother, to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Family displaced after fire

Firefighters responded to a fire at about noon on Independence Day at a home on Wynbrook Bend, just off of Pilgrim Mill Road, Shivers said three family members lived at the residence and four others were visiting at the time of the fire. 

“Everyone is safe. Everyone got out of the home safely,” Shivers said. “Sadly, there was a family pet that was lost.”

He said the residence was “absolutely a salvageable home” though that would likely take several months. 

“The fire was stopped quickly, but they are displaced,” Shivers said. “The Red Cross was summoned to offer that assistance to the family, to get them back on their feet until they can find alternate housing options.”

Shivers said the fire was an accidental electrical fire that started in a bedroom.

“There were multiple electronics charging in that room,” he said. “We don’t know exactly what, but we know enough to make a determination that it was accidental and electronic from that bedroom where the fire originated.”

More than 20 local firefighters responded to the call.

Near miss

Shivers said just as firefighters were finishing up the call at Wynbrook Bend they received another call for a possible residential fire on Aspen Drive, in a neighborhood off Post Road. When they arrived, they found the home and garage were not on fire but still found an unexpected scene.

“The occupant had, for whatever reason, started a cooking fire in the garage in not a grill but a tray, like a pan, on the garage floor,” he said. “They left it completely unattended, left the garage door open and left this fire cooking unattended, then left home.”

Responding firefighters extinguished the pan and spoke with neighbors but were not able to make contact with the owner.

“It certainly had a lot of potential to be a full structure fire,” Shivers said. “To leave a fire unattended in a garage is careless and should not have been done.”

Two people were taken to Northside Hospital Forsyth after being injured in this Independence Day wreck on Pilgrim Mill Road at Aquatic Circle. Cumming Police say the driver of a Nissan Rogue was pulling out of Aquatic Circle near the Department of Driver Services when it struck the passenger car, which was going south on Pilgrim Mill. - photo by Jim Dean

Also on the Fourth, firefighters responded to a two-car accident at the intersection of Pilgrim Mill Road and Ventura Drive. The driver was entrapped in the car after the wreck and she and her passenger were taken to a local hospital. 

“That driver and her adult male passenger were both transported to North Fulton Hospital for their injuries,” Shivers said.  “They were stable but injured none the less.”

The five occupants in the other vehicle were not injured.