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A celebration of progress
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Forsyth County News

In this edition of the Forsyth County News you will find our annual Progress Edition, a special section in which we try each year to capture a snapshot of what it is that makes our community special.

Such editions are traditions for newspapers across the country, but the sad fact is that for many communities there hasn’t been enough progress in recent years to justify the name. That isn’t a problem for us here in Forsyth County, where there always seems to be more happening than we can capture in any one single edition.

Certainly not everyone will agree on exactly what it is that constitutes “progress.” For some, growth and expansion are ideal, while others may find progress in stability and constancy.

One thing most would agree on, however, is that certain quality of life issues are essential to any community that wants to consider itself as being progressive, and the pages of this year’s special edition certainly capture the county’s enviable position insofar as many such issues are concerned.

Upon reading this special edition, a stranger or newcomer to our community with no prior knowledge of the area would have to come away impressed by the many exceptional things happening here. On virtually every front – education, recreation, business, government, arts – there are impressive stories to tell.

Looking for a family friendly place to live? The county was named one of the 100 best communities for young people in the nation.

Focused on the economy? Forsyth has one of the state’s lowest unemployment rates, and a solid business community that continues to add new members.

Healthy living? The county has been named the healthiest in Georgia and local medical facilities continue to expand and improve.

Education? Forsyth has a superb public school system, strong private schools and rapidly expanding offerings at the college level.

Leisure time? Lake Lanier, parks with features for virtually every interest group, the fairgrounds, Cumming Playhouse, barbeque competitions, aquatic center … and the list goes on.

Community spirit? More than 5,400 donors to United Way last year, an involved spiritual community, social programs of every sort to help those with specific needs.

These stories and more are all included in today’s progress sections. Each year when we finish this special edition we are amazed at the story Forsyth County has to tell. We think you will be as well.