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Christmas spirit alive in Forsyth
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Forsyth County News
There is something very special about those final days leading up to Christmas each year, a certain serenity that manages to flow through even the anxious, frantic moments of last-minute gift shopping and party planning.

In a very imperfect world, it is as close as we get to a perfect time of year. For most of us, it is a time for introspection as we wrap ourselves in the comfortable blanket of family and friends and reflect on blessings too often forgotten or under appreciated.

It is a season for giving, although that most admirable of traits is sometimes diminished by the focus on retail buying.

And no where is the spirit of giving — the good kind, born of charity in the heart — more obvious than in Forsyth County.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas each year, the pages of this newspaper are filled with stories of people reaching out to help one another.
Despite the economic woes that have beleagured so many this past year, this holiday season has been no exception.

This community’s record of humanitarian charity is worthy of recognition this holiday season. From high school students raising money with the Helping Hands Holiday Bowl to help one of their own, to businesses donating money to local nonprofits, the willingness of local residents to help others in need has been obvious this year.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Christmas will have a special meaning for many whose holiday might otherwise have been bleak. Toys have been collected for children, special events have been held for seniors and entire families have been “adopted” by those who want to help.

Behind each of the dozens of programs designed to help those in need are volunteers who, at one of the busiest times of the year, find time to help others. The number of church, civic, social and nonprofit efforts geared toward that objective has truly been impressive.

At a time when many are in need, many others have reached out to help. That is the sign of a community built upon the right sort of social foundation.

For all the secret Santas, Empty Stocking stuffers, Toys for Tots collectors, Meals on Wheels donors, Angels Over Forsyth sponsors, Giving Tree supporters — we say thanks. For all the churches, social groups, nonprofits and civic clubs who found a way this year to help others — we say thanks.

To every individual who dropped a dollar in a Salvation Army kettle, made a donation at a retail store, or simply took the time to provide a meal for a family in need — we say thanks.

This is the spirit of Christmas, and for the fact that it is so obvious in this county we call home, we thank you all.