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County still has plenty to celebrate
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Forsyth County News

This edition of the Forsyth County News includes our annual “Progress” special section, in which we attempt to give a snapshot of life in the county and the many things that make it a special place.

While other communities continue to struggle to find the silver lining behind the clouds, Forsyth finds ways to frolic in the sunshine.

Looking for proof of Progress? Try the front page of Friday’s paper, which included stories on a new company locating in McFarland Parkway, work beginning on a new animal shelter that promises to be among the best in the state, and a national ranking that says Forsyth is the healthiest county in Georgia.

Those are the sorts of headlines we’ve learned to take for granted, and of which other communities can only dream.

In the pages of this year’s Progress edition you’ll find a little information about a lot of things that blend together to create an exceptional quality of life for those living in Forsyth County.

Within those pages you’ll find stories about:

• The strength of the county’s churches and the many worthwhile programs they offer.

• Volunteers giving of their time and money for any number of charitable causes.

• Exceptional parks and recreation opportunities and expansive options for leisure time activities.

• A public school system that is among the best in the Southeast, and still improving, thanks in large part to parents who are involved and committed.

• The growth of local college campuses and expansions of class offerings.

• Thriving small businesses which form the backbone of a strong local economy.

• A jobless rate that is the region’s lowest.

• A housing market that is on the upswing.

• A thriving artistic community.

• Courthouse and jail construction that are changing the landscape of downtown Cumming.

While these and many other stories are diverse in nature and scope, they have in common one unifying factor – the exceptional people who call Forsyth County home. We hope this year’s version of our annual Progress edition will remind you of the many reasons you can be proud to call Forsyth County home.