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Dear Santa: Could we have a little help?
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Forsyth County News


It’s that most wonderful time of the year, when thoughts turn to nativity scenes, misteltoe, and midnight visits from a certain jolly old elf who delights in filling stockings for the those nice, not naughty.

On behalf of the Forsyth County government, and by extension the people who finance the same, we’d like to ask Santa for a certain addition to his bag.

Dear Santa — please bring us some resolution.

While there are certainly divided opinions as to which of the lists — naughty or nice —should include the current county administration, there is one thing upon which everyone can agree: there are certain issues that never seem to have an end.

If Santa could just find a way to bring us a final, decisive, end-it-for-all-time decision on just one of the following, it could be a joyous yule time season:

The Lanier Golf Course — Buy it. Close it. Sell it. Condemn it. The fate and future of the golf course has perplexed county officials, its current owners and nearby homeowners for far too long, and we still don’t know what the plan is. Maybe Santa can tee this one up and drive it to a conclusion of some sort.

Bethel Park — By the time the county, the courts and the corps get through fighting over whether the YMCA can build a camp at Bethel, kids who would have been of age to take advantage of such a facility when it was first proposed will have kids of their own. And still there is no end in sight.

County animal shelter
— An object of debate and discussion for years, commissioners last week voted to go ahead and build something, somewhere. But already we’ve been put on notice that the incoming board is expected to reverse the vote, which would put the shelter back in the holding pen.

Jeff Chance/Brant Meadows
— Chance, the former planning director, was on suspension seemingly forever before the county decided to fire him. But one lawsuit and a historically long civil service board hearing later, we’re still waiting to know whether that termination will stick. Meanwhile, his nemisis, planning commissioner Meadows, faces an ethics complaint filed by the civil service board which promises to keep this particular he said/he said going for another month or six.

— It’s been more than a year since a federal judge said we aren’t going to be able to continue taking water from Lake Lanier and drinking it, and despite a lot of talk there’s still no real plan in place to solve the problem. Meanwhile, long-running efforts to give the county an option to dispose of some of its sewage will be dragging on into next year as well. Santa, we need something more to drink than milk on Christmas Eve, so any help would be appreciated.

  —  The first step toward ending a rezoning dispute that has resulted in years-long fighting and litigation may have been taken by commissioners last week, but we suspect the final volley in the legal war has yet to be fired. Meanwhile, we’re all left to wonder just want it is the property owners plan to build with the approved rezoning. Any answers Santa?

Of course there are other nagging needs that have been of issue for months and years, but the comprehensive list would prove too daunting for even the most magical of elves.

Just a little help Santa, that’s all we’re asking.

We know resolutions are typically a New Year’s thing, but could we have just one or two for Christmas, if we promise to be good in 2011?