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Easter brings a promise of hope, rebirth
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Forsyth County News


Today is Easter Sunday. About time. We need it.

Unlike other holidays, the date upon which Easter is celebrated changes year to year, and can be as much as a month apart. The earliest Easter can fall is March 22, the latest is April 25.

In the most general of terms, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday, following the first full moon, after the vernal equinox. There are a few minor caveats to the rule, but the generalization works most of the time.

This year, Easter is almost as late into the year as it can be, but no less appreciated for the delay.

There is a peacefulness about the Easter holiday that seems to permeate the soul.

For those of the Christian faith, Easter is the holiest of days, celebrated in recognition of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and filled with the promise of rebirth and second chances.

It is a time for celebration of the holiest of sacrifices, and the sharing throughout the world of Christian love.

It is no coincidence that the celebration of the holiday each year is tied to the coming of the first day of spring, which also brings with it thoughts of new growth and fresh beginnings. You do not have to be of the Christian faith to enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the coming of new spring and the promise it brings.

The world needs Easter this year, needs the promise of better things to come, of spiritual peacefulness, of faith and rebirth.

Enjoy this day. Take advantage of the opportunity it brings to inject new optimism into your piece of the world. Help a kid find a painted egg; bite the ears off a chocolate bunny.

Rejoice in the knowledge that with Easter each year comes renewed hope for a better tomorrow.

Happy Easter!