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Spaced out on the commission
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Forsyth County News
Elected officials a-round the world are worried about the global economy.

Forsyth officials are worried about floor space.

Across Georgia county officials at every level are worried about declining tax revenues and the cost of government.

Forsyth officials are worried about the size of the chairman’s desk.

Leaders in other communities are worried about cutting the number of government employees.

Forsyth County officials are worried about office space for an employee they don’t even have.

Welcome to the always wacky world of Forsyth County government.

Lame-duck Commissioner David Richard, has decided the time is right to wage political battle over an issue high on the priority list of most local taxpayers — the office in which the commission chairman works.

Richard last week vowed to mount an offensive against Chairman Charles Laughinghouse in the hopes of forcing him to move from the largest of the offices in the county commission’s suite, an office Richard says should rightfully belong to the county manager.

Richard hinted that Commissioners Brian Tam and Linda Ledbetter are poised to ride along with him in his Quixotic joust at Laughinghouse, as though the outcome really mattered to anyone other than those who revel in petty sniping.

To hear Richard tell the story Laughinghouse’s office selection is an affront to the employees of the county and the taxpayers. Given that, it must have simply been on oversight that the departing commissioner never saw fit to make it a public issue during the first 45 months of his tenure.

Apparently size does matter. And the number of square feet available per county official in floor space is certainly a more pressing issue that the availability of water, the rising cost of everything, and the inability of traffic to move from point A to point B.

It’s all about space, and we never would have known without Richard’s clarion call for action. The ol’ pudding stirrer has shown himself to be a Space Cowboy, and we can only hope the county isn’t Lost in Space while our commissioners waste time debating who should have the biggest room in which to work instead of actually doing the work for which they were elected.