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Join the fun and celebrate Fourth of July
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Forsyth County News

This is the week we can all lay down our troubles for just a little while and bask in the celebration of the nation’s birthday, and maybe just for a moment pause to ponder the upside to living in the greatest country in the world.

When it comes to Fourth of July celebrations, there’s nothing like the festive atmosphere of smalltown America, and events planned for Cumming certainly hold great promise for fun and excitement.

The city’s annual Fourth of July parade, with its unique tribute to the powerful steam engines of another era, will be rolling through town for the 55th year. For those who have never attended, the opportunity to see – and definitely hear – antique steam engines that were very much a part of the nation’s agricultural past is one that shouldn’t be missed. Remember to bring ear protection for youngsters and those with sensitive ears.

The city’s celebration of the nation’s birth actually starts on July 3, when crowds gather at the fairgrounds for what has become an immensely popular event with fireworks, music, vendors and a dance contest. Attendance is free, and thousands will be on hand to enjoy the fun and forget about the troubles of the world for an hour or three. The fun starts at 6 p.m., with fireworks scheduled for 9:30 followed by the dance contest.

Of course some will eschew the crowds and planned activities in order to celebrate Independence Day in other ways, with family and friends, boating on the lake or grilling in the backyard, taking advantage of a mid-week break in the heat of a Georgia July.

It truly is a time for celebration, and we should all remember why.

“In Congress, July 4, 1776 …” so begins the Declaration of Independence, the document that served notice to the world that the colonies of the United States of America no longer would be governed by the tyrannical rule of a king and would instead become “free and independent states … absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown.”

That Declaration of Independence gave birth to the greatest nation the world has ever known, one worthy of joyous celebration in the days to come. Be safe, have fun. Enjoy the 4th.