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Letter to the editor
County should get priorities straight
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Forsyth County News
I believe it is a waste to spend $250,000 from the parks, recreation and green space bond to buy approximately 31 acres to preserve open space that, according to Forsyth County Spokeswoman Jodi Gardner, “...will serve as a buffer between the 87-acre Windermere Park and nearby sewer facilities.”

The property owner, NNPII-Windermere LLC, was finished with projects in that area, and the land the county purchased would probably lay vacant for decades if not forever. I do not care how much the 31 acres was appraised for at one time. No one wants or needs it now.

I acknowledge monies from the $100 million green space bond passed in February 2008 cannot be used for general government expenses, but doesn’t the current situation tell us that our priorities were misguided?

We need to fund basic government functions such as public safety and a new jail, but not real estate speculation or to reward a developer in the guise of preserving green space. Who is representing the interests of taxpayers or county employees here? We do not need leadership that claims to be conservative but does not conserve.         

Tony Gardner