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National data reflects well on county
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County’s name popped up twice in recent national recognitions, and the two honors are inextricably intertwined.

Govistics, part of an organization that specializes in government research, announced that the Forsyth County school system had the third-largest gain in student population in the nation between 2005-10, trailing only two school districts in Texas.

While we have all known that the county and its school system have continued to grow at a significant pace in recent years, despite economic conditions that have posed problems nationwide, realizing that it is the third-fastest growing in the nation helps to put things into perspective.

That the same group also showed the local system as being one of the most efficient in the nation in terms of per pupil expenditures is evidence of the sound stewardship of tax dollars by local school administrators.

The school system continues to grow because the county continues to grow; and a prime reason for the country’s continued growth is the excellence of its schools.

The other bit of national recognition for the county came America’s Promise Alliance, which selected Forsyth County as one of the 100 best communities in the nation for young people to live.

That recognition was based on a variety of factors, including the quality of the county’s schools, the involvement of local businesses in supporting, and the efforts of nonprofits and community leadership in working to the benefit of youngsters.

Having the reputation of being a good place for young people to live is certainly the sort of incentive leaders can use to bring new economic growth to the county, and continued economic strength is the sort of foundation needed to make sure a community is a good place for young people to live.

Good schools attract positive growth. Youth-friendly communities attract positive growth. Growth means new jobs, more employers, a more modern work force, all of which create the financial foundation for a better community and an improved quality of life.

Congratulations are due to all of those involved in earning both recognitions for the county — but the real praise belongs to the masses of local residents who have willingly and repeatedly committed their time, energies and tax dollars to make the county one worthy of such honors.