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New program will benefit local students
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Forsyth County News


The dual enrollment program announced last week by Lanier Technical College and the county’s public school system should benefit not only the school system and the college, but more importantly local students and the community as a whole.

The program will allow students to receive both high school and college credit for certain courses, some of which can be taken on the high school campus.

Those involved in the county’s public school system see the new program as an opportunity to offer needed enticements for students to complete high school rather than dropping out.

“This is part of our high school completion initiative,” said county school Superintendent  Buster Evans in announcing the program.

For the college, dual enrollment will allow students the opportunity to sample course offerings and begin to map their paths toward jobs and a career while still in high school, while also making it easier for them to move from high school level instruction to that at the college level.

But the true beneficiaries will be the students. The sort of workplace-based educational opportunities provided by Lanier Tech are a perfect fit for the many students who may not have the aptitude for, nor interest in, pursuing a traditional bachelor’s degree in a non-technical college setting. Allowing those students to get a head start on college-level training for careers in a variety of fields will benefit the students individually, as well as the community as a whole.

With the program in place, some of the hurdles and roadblocks that in the past have made it difficult to move from high school graduation to college orientation will be removed, making the transition easier for those students involved.

For public schools to excel they have to be constantly aware that there is no one-size-fits-all path that will guide all students to success as adults. Dual enrollment at Lanier Tech is another option for those students best served by technical instruction.

This particular program promises to be a win-win-win situation, benefiting students, high schools and the college. We predict it will prove to be a huge success for all.