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Now is time to help others
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Forsyth County News
Much sooner than seems possible we are going to again be buried deep in the frantic rush of another holiday season. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, with Christmas looming right behind.

Despite our protestations to the contrary, the holidays for most of us are a joyous time of reconnecting with family and friends, enjoying the fellowship of others, and allowing another year to wind down. Even in the current tumultuous economic climate, the majority of Forsyth County residents will enjoy holidays blessed with the bounty of affluent, successful lives.

But not all. There are many among us who will be without this holiday season — without a home, without a job, without food for their families, without clothing, medication, transportation.

Luckily, there are quality nonprofits in the community that take it upon themselves to reach out to those in need with a helping hand. Ours is a charitable community, and there are those who work hard to be good stewards of local charity.

Unfortunately, hard times deal a double whammy to local nonprofits whose goal it is to help those in need. When money is tight, donations dwindle while need increases.

We already are seeing the results locally as some nonprofits are cutting back on staffing, while others find themselves lacking the commodities they normally would make available to others.

Sandy Beaver, executive director of The Place in Cumming, said demand for help from that agency has increased by some 40 percent in the last three months. Other local charities report similar demand.

Thankfully ours is a caring county and there are those who have made a difference already, like the Rotary clubs who joined together to help restock depleted reserves of food at The Place.

But the need is growing, and the time to help is now. There are many among us — many more than most would expect — who aren’t worrying about the coming holiday season. They, instead, worry about food for tomorrow, a place to sleep, finding a job, or providing care for a loved one who needs special assistance.

Don’t wait. Help now. Please find a local church or nonprofit program in which you believe and make the donation that might help to save a life, keep a family together, or provide just that little bit of support that allows a struggling neighbor to get back on their feet. When those who are strong help those who are weak, it strengthens both.

Do it today.