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Positive news about jobs
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Spend too much time with the reports of dire economic conditions throughout the country and it’s easy to believe there is no positive news at all on the business front.

But that’s not exactly the case, as members of the county’s development authority learned last week.

Authority members received an update from Randall Toussaint, vice president of economic development for the local chamber of commerce, and the news was more positive than you might expect.

Toussaint told the group that the chamber has worked on nine economic development projects in the county this year, including expansions of existing businesses and recruitment of new ones, that have resulted in the addition of nearly 800 new jobs and more than $21 million in capital investments. Encouragingly, he predicted that the number of new jobs brought to the county would hit the 1,000 mark before the end of the year.

If Toussaint’s year-end prediction becomes reality, the county will have add twice as many new jobs in 2011 as it did the previous year, and more than four times the number added in 2009.

The chamber official gave much of the credit for the county’s job growth this year to the existence of Lanier Technical College and its ability to assure a trained workforce for new employees.

Toussaint’s numbers remind us that even though the nation is staggering under the weight of high unemployment and troubling times, Forsyth County continues to fare better than many other communities. Such optimistic news isn’t enough to dispel the dark clouds of economic woe, but does hint that there may be a hint of light shining at the end of a very long tunnel.

Share thoughts about Cumming

Ever drive through Cumming and wish you could tell someone what you think the city needs to be better?

Well now’s your chance.

As part of a long-range planning process, the city is encouraging residents to complete an online survey about living and working in Cumming. The survey is quick and easy to do, and will be used to help city leaders in preparing a mandated update to a comprehensive planning document. The comprehensive plan will map a strategy for the 20-year period 2012-32.

The city’s survey asks for perspectives on what is good and bad about Cumming, as well as judging respondent’s opinions on diverse issues such as aesthetics, environment and future needs.

You can complete the survey by visiting the city’s Web site at We hope you’ll let your voice be heard.