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Progress definitely being made
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Forsyth County News


While we may not yet be able to see a bright light at the end of the dark economic tunnel, there are at least enough shimmering glints of illumination to suggest that maybe we’ve made it past the worst of what all agree has been a tough time.

The annual Progress edition included in today’s FCN certainly suggest that to be the case, as it focuses on the many positive things happening in our community over the past year or so.

And despite the economic woes that have plagued the entire nation of late, the compilation of progressive efforts in the community is pretty impressive.

In the Progress edition each year, we try to condense into one edition a “big picture” overview of positive change on a number of different fronts in our community. And despite the economic woes that have beset the nation in recent years, this year’s list of stories is pretty impressive.

Among the big ticket storylines to be found in the Progress pages:

• A review of the first full year of operation for the hugely successful conference center at Lanier Tech.

• Plans for the rebuilding of downtown Cumming to accommodate a new jail and courthouse approved by voters last year.

• The ongoing effort to expand college class offerings in the county with the University Center complex expected to open next fall.

• Expansions completed, and more planned, for the county’s parks and recreation offerings and greenspace program.

• Local banks on the rebound with new fiscal strength.

• Future road projects that may change transportation in the years to come.

• A growing health care community within the county and plans for the future.

• Public schools that continue to be among the best in the region.

And dozens of more stories about the place we call home, the people who make it special, the charities and civic groups that work for others and the businesses that are so integral to the county’s economic foundation and successes.

While it’s impossible to capture in a single edition all of the things that make Forsyth County special, this annual effort reminds us of how much we sometimes take for granted the many good things going on around us.

After reading Progress 2012, we hope you will agree with us that the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely a little brighter than it has been.