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Time to enjoy Christmas
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Forsyth County News

Sometimes it seems as though we have become a society obsessed with our capacity to revel in anger.

The mildest of offenses gives rise to outrage. An opinion different from our own demands aggressive response. The concept of tolerance for others gives way to the insistence that others behave as we think they should.

Too often, there is neither peace on earth, nor good will toward men.

Maybe this week can be different. Maybe we can all collectively take a deep breath, let it out, do it again, and look around long enough to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas without complaining about the commercialization of the season, or any of a dozen other aggravations we associate with this time of year.

Maybe we can quit obsessing because someone said Santa Claus was white. Maybe we can ignore the television network made uncomfortable by the conservative religious beliefs of one of its stars. Maybe we can forget the insanity that has become our national government.

Maybe we can enjoy Christmas without being offended if someone wishes us “happy holidays” instead.

Maybe, for just a day or two, we can forget about social networks connected by electronic data and actually talk to other human beings in a meaningful way. Maybe we can find a way to make someone else’s day a little happier.

Maybe we can remember our troops in service on the battlefields, and realize that none of the trivialities that make our days so tiresome can compare to a single hour in the lives of those brave men and women.

What should be the most enjoyable week of the year for most of us is upon us, if we can only slow down long enough to enjoy it, banking the fires of anger and outrage and frustration long enough to bask in the sounds of “Silent Night.”

For most of us, recent days have been consumed with a mad rush to shop and buy and visit and entertain and survive the maddening pace that leads up to Christmas day. Hopefully, for a day or two, we can relax now and allow the season to wash over us like a comforting holiday spa.

The week of Christmas is upon us. Let’s enjoy a little peace on earth, demonstrate some good will toward men.

Who knows, if it works for this week, we might try it again the next, and the next, and the …