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Weathering yet another winter storm
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Forsyth County News

Warmed by the weekend sun after a nightmarishly wintry week of wet and frigid cold, we would be remiss if we didn’t pause to say thanks:


To those in public safety — police, fire, EMTs — who worked throughout the storm to protect and serve.


To those with the DOT, whose efforts in the middle of snowy nights cleared roads, melted ice and avoided disaster.


To those at the hospitals, who slept on cots and floors to make sure vital care was available for patients when it was needed.


To those who climbed the power poles, restrung the wires and tracked down the problems to return electricity wherever it was lost.


To those frantic weathermen and women, whose predictions and warnings filled the airwaves for hours and hours on end, but who let us know what to expect in time to avoid chaos.


To those in the government, who this time got things right, and made the best of  a potentially catastrophic situation.


To the school officials, for making decisions about closings as early as it made sense to do so, allowing parents to plan and prepare.


To those with the good sense to stay at home and off the roads whenever they could.


To the wrecker drivers, for getting the vehicles back on the roads for those drivers who lost control.


To those who helped the helpers, providing food and drinks along the way.


To those who helped each other, no matter how it was done.


And lastly, let’s be thankful that spring is but another month away.