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Well deserved recognition for county
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Forsyth County News
It’s always nice when a community is recognized for being special in some way, and particularly so when that honor is reflective of having maintained a positive environment for youth.

Forsyth County scored on both counts last week when it was named one of the 100 best communities in the nation for young people.

The honor was bestowed upon the county by America’s Promise Alliance, a partnership of corporations, nonprofits and faith-based organizations. The Alliance was formed in 1997 with Gen. Colin Powell as its first chairman, and works to promote the education and improved general welfare of youth across the nation.

The selection recognizes the concerted effort made on behalf of young people in the county by many different organizations, including schools, nonprofits, local governments and the business community.

Examples of those efforts are in evidence on a daily basis in the county.

For example, some 600 businesses work wth local schools through the Partners in Education program and the Chamber of Commerce currently is partnering with the school system on a project to raise high school graduation rates.

When it comes to the fate of young people, ours is a confusing and often dangerous world, and there is no perfect place to see a youngster grow into adulthood. But some communities are dedicated to the task of seeing their youth succeed, as evidenced by last week’s recognition of Forsyth and 99 others across the nation.

Forsyth County is no stranger to national recognition on many different fronts. In 2008, Forbes magazine placed it second on a list of the Top 10 “Places to Get Ahead.” A big reason the county is a place to get ahead is that it values and is committed to the growth and development of its younger residents.

“Nothing is more important than seeing our young people succeed,” said school superintendent Buster Evans after the announcement.

We agree. When youth is well served, we all benefit.