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Well prepared for graduation
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Forsyth County News


The final note of “Pomp and Circum-stance” is again but a late spring memory, as Forsyth County High Schools last week completed the 2010-11 school year with more than 2,000 graduates marching across the stage with diplomas in hand.

Before the latest school session becomes a fading memory we would be remiss not to make note of some exemplary numbers.

The first is the county’s graduation rate, which now hovers near 90 percent.

As exceptional as that number is in comparison to other school systems, an ongoing effort involving business and community leaders as well as educators continues to work to make it better in years to come.

The PROPEL effort hopes to drive the graduation rate even higher with a variety of approaches, some of which have been inspired by schools systems across the nation that are renown for the percentage of high school students they graduate each year.

A change in state law for the next school year will alter how systems calculate their graduation rates, and because of the change the percentages may decrease even if local schools are doing a better job of helping youngsters complete their high school education.

Even so, Forsyth’s achievements in the area of graduation deserve special recognition, and we expect a year from now, even with the new accounting system, our local schools will again be among state leaders in the percentage of high school students who graduate.

Another bit of graduation news worthy of note involves the county’s rising senior class, the members of which passed the state’s graduation test in phenomenal numbers. Students take the test as juniors, and results released late in May show Forsyth again surpassed state averages in every area tested, as well as making improvement over the previous year.

School officials were particularly proud of test results in math, where the local schools saw an average of 95 percent passed the graduation test, compared to a state average of 84 percent.

Kudos to all involved for another exceptional year in the county school system, and a special congratulations to school Superintendent Buster Evans, who last month was recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the 100 top leaders in education in the metro area.