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Fires destroy property
Blazes level buildings on opposite ends of county
OLD ATLANTA fire 2 jd
The owner of a rental home on Old Atlanta Road looks at damage done to the home when a storage shed behind it burned.
The Forsyth County Fire Department was kept busy Wednesday as personnel responded to two separate blazes within two hours of each other.

Both fires resulted in the total destruction of buildings on opposite ends of the county.

Firefighters were first called about 11:15 a.m. to a house at 4290 Doc Bramblett Road in north Forsyth.

Less than two hours later, they responded at about 12:40 p.m. to 2100 Old Atlanta Road in south Forsyth after a storage shed caught fire.

Fire Capt. Jason Shivers said no injuries were reported in either incident, and the causes of both fires are under investigation.

The fire on Doc Bramblett Road was only about a quarter of a mile north of Fire Station 3. Shivers said a “heavy column of black smoke” could be seen from the station and when firefighters arrived, the house had already erupted in flames.

He said firefighters were initially worried there were people, including two children, trapped inside, but the homeowner confirmed no one was there at the time of the blaze.

One of the homeowners, An Roberts, said they will be staying with family.

"We're fine ... thankfully everybody was out," she said. "We lost our indoor kitty and that's made us sad but our dog was OK."

Roberts said the home is insured.

The flames also spread to a Chevrolet van parked behind the house.

Remnants of furniture and other household items stood blackened while firefighters sprayed water and climbed through what was left of the inside of the home.

Edward Albert was in his home next to the house when it caught fire. He said he looked out his window and saw smoke.

“By the time I got out here, there was a big explosion,” he said. “My wife called 911 … they said the kids weren’t there, so thank God for that.”

Albert said he didn’t know his neighbors well, but that “they’re good people. They’re Christian people.”

Shivers said like the earlier incident, the structure on Old Atlanta Road was ablaze when firefighters arrived.

“It had started extending to the home and that’s where we were able to stop the spread of the fire and keep it from entering the house,” he said. “It burned some of the outside of the home but did not get to the inside of it, so the house was saved.”

He said the shed and its contents were destroyed.

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