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First-ever Friday at the Fairgrounds draws a large crowd
Fridays at the Fairground
During the inaugural Fridays at the Fairgrounds, people watched as Cumming Mayor Troy Brumbalow unleashed a massive column of smoke during the event’s burnout competition. - photo by Bradley Wiseman

It’s not often one gets to see the mayor laying a fresh patch of rubber down on asphalt to rancorous approval from a crowd of thousands of people.

Last Friday, during the inaugural Fridays at the Fairgrounds, attendees had that honor when Cumming Mayor Troy Brumbalow unleashed a massive column of smoke at the event’s burnout competition. 

But the event at the Cumming Fairgrounds wasn’t about squealing tires, food trucks, live music or vendors, even though it had all of those things and more.

According to Brumbalow, the monthly event is about giving the people of Cumming a place to come with their family and enjoy being in the community.

“We have been planning this for some time, I think the residents of Cumming and all of Forsyth County have been yearning for [this],” Brumbalow said. 

Brumbalow estimated that more than 5,000 people attended the event, with dozens of vendors and food trucks for people to eat and shop at. 

“I was born and raised in Forsyth County and Cumming, Georgia, and I’m just so happy that so many people showed up to have a great time in the city of Cumming,” he said during the event Friday. 

One Forsyth County resident, Jessica Lotspeich, said that the city had needed an event like Fridays at the Fairgrounds for some time and that the food trucks were particularly great. 

“I think this is a great event, Forsyth County has really needed it for a long time,” Lotspeich said. “Especially for our generation that is coming up, for them to have something to do other than going out and getting in trouble.” 

Another Forsyth County resident, Liz Krupit said that she and her family had come out to see the car show and the burnout competition, and they were surprised by the turnout and the good food. 

“I think it’s awesome that the City of Cumming is coming together and doing this,” Krupit said. “I think the car show is pretty awesome, and the burnouts are cool; I had never seen that before.”

Krupit added that they were looking forward to coming to the next event. 

“We concocted this idea to create some vibrancy in the city,” said Cumming City Council Member Christopher Light. “Creating more of that downtown city atmosphere is the long-term goal, so this is just the start.” 

Light said that they began discussing how to go about approaching this “vibrancy” project in the city at the beginning of the year. They specifically waited for good weather to insure a good turnout at the event. 

“And we are looking forward to many other events like this to keep the momentum going,” he said. 

According to Brumbalow, Fridays at the Fairgrounds will take place on every third Friday of the month at the Cumming Fairgrounds, and that the city will also be hosting another event, Food Truck Fridays, on the first Friday of each month at School Street in downtown Cumming. The first Food Truck Fridays is scheduled for May 4.