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Forsyth County Businesses honored for excellence, service

At a plush gala celebration held Thursday night, the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce’s Business Advancement Resource announced the 2019 business and non-profits of the year, celebrating each for the work that they do in the community.

After food and drinks were served by Cherry Street Brewing and Casa Nuova restaurant, each of this year’s finalists took the stage to be recognized, playing a short video encapsulating their different business or organization.

In the end, two of the finalists, Regal Maid Service and Fill Ministries, one business and one non-profit, were announced as the year’s winners, receiving rounds of applause and trophies for the honor.

Business of the Year award —Regal Maid Service

Non-Profit of the Year award—Fill Ministries

Other business of the year finalists include 

  • Bentley Media, LLC
  • Better Moonwalks of Georgia
  • Elevation Rehabilitative Massage 
  • Signature Total Car Care
  • Totally Running & Walking

Other non-profit of the year finalists were:

  • Vibha
  • Casa of Forsyth County, Inc.

After receiving the award for Fill Ministries, group co-founder Suellen Daniels said that she and her husband, Stephen, were grateful to receive the award and recognition for the work that Fill Ministries does for the people of Forsyth County.

“Last night was like the most thrilling thing imaginable, because it was, it was a community saying yes to the vision God gave us,” Daniels said.

Michael Bush, owner of Regal Maid Service, said that as a fairly new business in the community, he and his family also never expected to receive the award, thinking it would go to someone more established in the community.

“All the staff, myself and Jane were totally were shocked … and love the fact that we won,” Bush said.

Bush said he believes that Regal Maid service’s meteoric rise in the community over the last four years has in part to do with the power of their story, risking everything to come to the United States to pursue their dream.

“We literally sold everything to come here,” Bush said. “In a gambling term, we went all in and it's paid off.”

According to Chamber president and CEO, James McCoy, this event is so special to the Forsyth County area, because it allows the business community to take a step back from the intense growth and hustle the area is experiencing to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“We work very hard to use tonight as an opportunity to lift up and celebrate the best business people in this community, and there's a lot of really interesting business people doing some really interesting stuff,” he said.

McCoy said that the county is full of businesses just like their finalists and without them, that growth wouldn’t happen.

“These are the folks that make our economy run,” McCoy said.